Bracket Maker for the iPad

How to setup a regular season round robin followed by a Playoff tournament. 

How to keep the Win/Loss records intact and having players play again and again. 

How to fix a typo after a bracket has been made.

Version 10.0 features 

The following video shows you how to use the new app, Big Bracket Maker for the iPad 


1) If you are using the same players every week or every season, just enter the names and then save the tournament before copying the names to the brackets.  Then load the tournament each time you want to start a new competition.   You can also change tournament type before you start.  Be careful to limit the number of players to 16 for round robins.

2) If the full screen email or print option is not enough, you can capture a screenshot of your tournament by pressing and  holding the home and power button simultaneously.

3) Manual editing of players to the bracket field is limited and is susceptible to inconsistency.  It is not recommended.

4) Read the Help document.

The following Help file gives you a full description on how to use the program. 

Bracket Help.pdf Bracket Help.pdf
Size : 1146.057 Kb
Type : pdf

The following help file tells you how to use the new Big Bracket for iPad program. 

BigBrackethelp.pdf BigBrackethelp.pdf
Size : 479.294 Kb
Type : pdf

The following file is a test file.   Do not download.

driversa.xml driversa.xml
Size : 0.711 Kb
Type : xml

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